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  • How client-centric is your ESG web experience, really?
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  • Five questions to pressure test your current ESG web experience


How client-centric is your ESG web experience, really?

If your answer is, “Are you kidding me? See all the educational material we’ve got on our website! And just look at the product range we’re offering!” …then, you’re not wearing your client hat. And your prospective clients are probably punishing you for it.

One of the unintended consequences of the ESG boom is that many investors are being left behind—confused and even overwhelmed by the blizzard of sustainable investing (SI) terms, concepts and products.

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You might be thinking “Well, that’s why we have advisors, who can explain and handhold clients on their SI journey.” Problem is, advisors themselves are also feeling confused and ill-equipped to help clients make sense of sustainable investing. And that number is moving in the wrong direction!

Source: Nuveen, Fifth Annual Responsible Investing Survey, 2020.