Our Leadership

Bernard Del Rey
Bernard Del ReyCEO & Founder
Shachar Kariv
Shachar KarivCo-Founder
Pat Spenner
Pat SpennerCMO & Head of Product
Dan Silverman
Dan SilvermanHead of Research

Our Philosophy

It’s simple – your decisions reveal who you are.  We believe in the wisdom of “show me, don’t tell me.”

By examining how clients make tradeoffs between risk vs. return, today vs. tomorrow and themselves vs. others, we gain a precise measure of their preferences and can customize their financial plans, business plans, job search, and more, with confidence.

Our Mission

We aim to…
…bring clarity to complex decisions.
…let decision stakeholders more effectively see and be seen by each other, the better to arrive at sound decisions with speed.
…bring serious decision science to domains that rely on “rule of thumb” or “accumulated wisdom”.
…improve the lives of all decision-makers and those who serve them.

Our Locations