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Crafting a Personalised Sustainable Investing Experience in Singapore
February 22, (2:30 pm SGT)

The pandemic has primed investors in APAC to invest more sustainably, but ESG complexity is holding them back. To unlock this growth, asset and wealth managers need to organise how they engage investors.

Market studies reveal investors don’t need more product innovation and marketing. What investors need most are tools and experiences that help them first discover their own SI preferences, so they can proceed with clarity and confidence.

This webinar is directed at wealth management leaders who want to:

  • Understand how ESG preferences differ between Singapore, Europe and the US
  • Discover key drivers for building client confidence in your sustainable investing value proposition
  • Learn how leading wealth management firms are differentiating their SI client experience to generate greater advocacy, walletshare growth and referrals
  • Craft a high-growth sustainable investing experience in Singapore and Europe

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