We reveal client preferences from their decisions,

so you can act with confidence

Profile Clients in Minutes

It used to take years to really know your clients. Now you will know them in minutes.

Clients Feel the Difference

Knowing your clients lets you make better decisions for them, and your business.

Justify Your Recommendations

Reduce business risk with reliable, forward looking product recommendations

Remove the Subjectivity

Statistically significant client metrics provide the edge you need.

Connect More Deeply

Each Economic Fingerprint™ provides powerful client analytics for segmentation

More Data. More Insights.

Forward looking insights let you connect with your clients in a meaningful way.


Seeking Alpha Podcast: Interview with Dan Silverman

Arizona State University professor Dan Silverman (head of research for Capital Preferences) shares his finding that a paradoxical benefit of annuitization is that it induces saving behavior during retirement, and that such retirees therefore end up with higher bequeathable assets.

Journal of Financial Planning: Do You Really Know Your Client?

Shachar Kariv, Dan Silverman and colleagues share insights from their research on the financial impact of government shutdowns on federal workers.

New York Times: The Chart that Shows the Financial Peril Facing Federal Workers

Shachar Kariv, Dan Silverman and colleagues share insights from their research on the financial impact of government shutdowns on federal workers.

TrueProfile Launches in United States

TrueProfile has expanded its revolutionary client-profiling service into the United States, offering the financial nucleus of the world a gamified, scientific method of understanding client preferences.

ThinkAdvisor: Sitdown with Shachar Kariv

Shachar Kariv sat down with ThinkAdvisor to explain how Behavioral Economics can elucidate a client’s investment preferences and finally transition client-understanding from speculation into science.

TrueProfile Partners with FPA, Berkeley Executive Education

TrueProfile has partnered with FPA and Berkeley Executive Education at the University of California to provide financial planners with innovative methods to better understand clients through the emergent field of Behavioral Economics.

Capital Preferences Partners with FPA, T. Rowe Price

The Financial Planning Association, Capital Preferences, and T. Rowe Price are initiating a new study providing research and insight to help financial advisers and planners better understand and serve their existing and prospective clients.

FA-Magazine: TrueProfile Gamifies how Clients are Understood

Understanding how your clients make decisions and how they are likely to react to market fluctuations is crucial to designing plans and portfolios for them.

Info Insider: TrueProfile Brings Science to Understanding Clients

Client insights are locked inside their decisions, and TrueProfile allows advisors to analyze client decisions and is a huge leap forward in producing engaging, systematic, scaled and consistent advice.

Journal of Financial Planning: Interview with Shachar Kariv

Chief Scientist, Professor Shachar Kariv, recent chair of the Economics department at UC Berkeley, discusses the “need to bring the science of understanding the client to the same high level of the science of building portfolios.”