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Shachar Kariv, PhD

Co-founder of Capital Preferences

He is also the Benjamin N. Ward Professor of Economics and the Chair of the Economics Department at the University of California, Berkeley – recognized as one of the world’s most impactful and influential economics institutions.

Shachar is widely regarded as the top decision theorist and game theorist in the world.

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Dan Silverman, PhD

Co-founder of Capital Preferences

He is the Rondthaler Family Professor of Economics at Arizona State University (currently on sabbatical), and a microeconomist whose research blends economic theory and econometrics to study how public and private policies influence decision-making.

His recent work levers ‘big data’ and novel blends of surveys and experiments to gain insights into the quality of spending and saving choices, especially in the years leading up to and after retirement.

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“Applying the science of revealed preferences to understand clients is like the arrival of the X-ray machine in medicine. It lets us see – with great precision – that which we could not hope to understand thru dialogue or questioning alone.” Shachar Kariv, PhD

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