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Featured Insights

Fiduciary “Best Interest” Accounts for Plan Participants’ Risk Preferences – Shouldn’t It Also Justify ESG Preferences?

Capital Preferences has posted a comment to the SEC regarding a proposed rule change that would allow pension plan operators include ESG funds in their fund lineups.

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The ESG Preferences-to-Portfolio Gap is Real – and It Affects Over Half of Advised Investors

We estimate that 55% of investors have a mismatch between their ESG preferences and portfolio – a clear opportunity for advisors to sharpen their pencils when profiling clients about ESG.

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The Social Currency of a Personalized ESG Investing Experience

ESG investing presents a new form of social capital for firms. Clients who receive a strong ESG investing experience are more likely to promote their advisors, add AUM, and refer friends.

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The Hidden Danger of Couples with Incoherent Risk Preferences

We have found that 5-10% of couples have at least one partner with incoherent risk preferences—and that represents a hidden danger, both for the clients and for the advisor.

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